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Pay Per Click Advertising Services We Offer

Applicable to Google, Bing and other platforms, we offer all types of pay per click advertising services under the sun. The following can be utilized as stand-alone services as well as part of the PPC management packages we offer.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research and the criteria to shortlist keywords vary from campaign to campaign. We handle the nuances of user intent and campaign channel, and you handle the leads and the ecommerce transactions from the campaign.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of your PPC campaign depends on the ad copy, the display assets used in the campaign, the design and copy of the landing page, the alignment of user intent with the copy as well as the landing page and more. We will take your conversion rate up to the industry benchmark and beyond.

Conversion Tracking and other Integrations

You can track conversion of a PPC campaign through the tools provided by the platform where you are running the campaign. However, in some cases you will need to integrate your landing page with conversion tracking tools such as analytics, KissMetrics etc. and we can help you with that..

Ad Optimization and A/B Testing

If your ads are not working as per your expectations, give us a call. We will do thorough industry and competitor analysis, user intent and behavior analysis, set up experiments and optimize your ads until they get you the results you want and more.

Social Media Advertising

We tap into the personalization options offered by social media websites and create advertisements that resonate with the users on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn. Hire us for social media advertising and watch your online presence grow exponentially over a course of three months.

PPC Campaign

This includes everything from keyword research to landing page creation, campaign setup, and conversion tracking and optimization. Tell us your budget and let us handle your paid advertising campaigns. You will get the best ROI ever.

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Related Services

All of the following can be treated as special PPC projects that we'd love to do for you as we have done for many others.

Amazon PPC

Amazon is a crowded place with tons of opportunities and fierce competition. With years of experience and hundreds of successful Amazon PPC campaigns under our belt, we are equipped with everything you need to take your Amazon store to the next level.

YouTube Advertisement

In-stream ads on YouTube can get you a lot of qualified leads if you run a well thought out campaign. We optimize the campaign for best performance and make full use of the powerful audience targeting options to make sure people watch your ads and start their journey down the conversion funnel.

Display Advertising

Display ads are powerful tools for brand awareness. We use Google's display network as well as other networks to make sure we reach your audience and get you the most impressions for the lowest cost. We use programmatic techniques to reach your audience and make sure no impressions go to waste.


Remarketing campaigns give you a second chance at converting visitors that did not convert in the first attempt. We create powerful remarketing campaigns that help your visitors go from one stage of the conversion funnel to the next and improve brand awareness as well a bring in leads.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail sponsored campaigns can help you target your audience and improve the number of inbound calls and leads you get from your regular campaigns. Your ad is directly dropped into your audience's gmail inbox and with the right subject line and audience selection it can prove to be a game changer for you.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads can be a powerful tool for vendors that deal in physical products. We will help you tap into the power of Google Merchant center and increase your sales through Google Shopping ads.

Our Process


Competitor & Trend Analysis

The user behavior and trends are different in every industry. The first thing we do is get a lay of the land and gather as much information about the market leaders, top competitors, and PPC trends in your industry as possible.


Defining Success and Setting Goals

Once we know what the average conversion rate is for PPC campaigns in your industry, we set benchmarks and set goals for your PPC campaign. We like to go in with a target of x% in mind as opposed to just doing the campaign and seeing results.


Keyword Research and Optimization

We do thorough keyword research, map user intent to the landing page and the type of campaign, remove negative keywords as well as keywords that can potentially lower your conversion rate, and create multiple keyword groups for bidding.


Landing Page Creation/Optimization

If you already have landing pages for your campaign, we will set up experiments and recommend changes that will help bring the conversion rate to a desired level. If you do not have any landing pages, we'd love to handle all aspects, i.e. copy writing, design and development.


Implementing Tracking Codes and other tools

We implement conversion tracking and integrate other testing tools with your landing page after landing page development.


Creating Ad copy and Banners

We create ad copies and banners leading to the landing page, using customer pain points and your value proposition front and center.


Bid Optimization

If you bid too low, you don't get the traffic you want, and if you bid too high, you risk losing money. Developing a bidding strategy and then optimizing it as the campaign progresses is an art form and our PPC specialists have mastered it over the years.


Further Optimizations

As the campaign progresses, there will be several areas that will need optimization. For example, users may be spending a lot of time on certain sections of your landing page and you may want to add a call to action there, they may be a paragraph resulting in low conversion rate, a video that needs to be moved up a little, a button that needs to be more prominent, and so on. We will keep a close eye on how your page is performing and keep tweaking the campaign until we hit the desired conversion rate.

Our Approach to PPC

People who opt for PPC campaigns do so for quick ROI, as in, they need immediate results in terms of traffic, leads, and ecommerce transactions and they hire us to achieve those results. We approach PPC as a bottom of the funnel marketing tool, and use a bottom to top approach, i.e. go after the people using purchase-intent keywords and the rest will follow.

User Intent Based on Conversion Funnel

Keywords Usually Contain

Content/Page Type

  • How to
  • Why
  • When
  • Who
  • Where
  • What
  • Basics
  • 101
  • Tutorial
  • Guide
  • Blog posts
  • Tutorial pages
  • News and PR pages
  • Vs
  • Versus
  • Review (s)
  • Recommendation (s)
  • Feedback
  • Comparison
  • Best
  • Free
  • ebooks
  • whitepapers
  • gated webinars
  • quizzes
  • case studies
  • testimonials and reviews
  • templates
  • comparison pages
  • A geographical location
  • Near me
  • Cost
  • Price
  • Delivery charges, Nearest
  • Affordable, Deal
  • Cheap Buy, Discount
  • Offer, Sale
  • Pricing
  • Service (s)
  • Coupon
  • Organization
  • Services, demos
  • Company, service pages
  • Agency, product pages
  • Business Firm, free trials

During keyword research we focus on user intent and group keywords based on the user's stage in the funnel. Depending on the goals set for the campaign, we target different keyword groups and help you maximize the ROI on your PPC expenses.

Top of the Funnel

Success Measured in Impressions

Middle of the Funnel

Success Measured in Traffic

Bottom of the Funnel

Success Measured in Leads and Transactions

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Case Studies

Business Listings and Reviews

Plans and Pricing

If you are thinking about hiring us for a standard PPC campaign that includes advertising on search engines and measuring success in leads and ecommerce transactions, you should look into one of the following service plans.


Initial Investment: $400

  • Ad Spend: 0-$1500 per month
  • Keywords Targeted: up to 250
  • Landing Pages: 4
  • Monthly Service Costs: $400


Initial Investment: $750

  • Ad Spend: $1500-$5000 per month
  • Keywords Targeted: up to 500
  • Landing Pages: 8
  • Monthly Service Costs: $750


Initial Investment: $1450

  • Ad Spend: $5000-$15000 per month
  • Keywords Targeted: up to 1000
  • Landing Pages: 15
  • Monthly Service Costs: $1450


Initial Investment: $2850

  • Ad Spend: $15000-$30,000 per month
  • Keywords Targeted: up to 1500
  • Landing Pages: 25
  • Monthly Service Costs: $2850

All of these plans include the following:

  • Competitor & Trend Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Landing Page Creation/Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad copy, Banners, and other creative assets
  • Bid Optimization

Ad Spend is the amount of money you will be spending every month on your PPC campaign and will be mostly paid to Google and Bing.

If you are looking to do a multi-channel campaign spread across search enginesas well as social media websites of your choice, you are better off with a custom quote and campaign proposal. Tell us about your requirements and we will prepare a customized quote for you.

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Frequently Asked

If you want us to go live with a standard PPC campaign on Google, centered around one landing page and a couple of keyword groups, we can get you up and running in four business days. This includes everything from keyword research to landing page design and development and more.
The conversion rate varies from industry to industry and it depends on the benchmark we set at the beginning of the campaign. We will need some information from you about your business and the type of campaign you want to do to determine a good number to target.
When working with us there's a one-time set up fee and then a monthly payment for the services acquired. Although we do sign a contract at the beginning of the relationship, it is not a binding contract for you and you can expand, scale down, or cancel the campaign any time.

Why 360searchvertising?for your PPC Campaign?

You should choose 360Searchvertising for your PPC campaigns for the following reasons:

  • We have a unique, time tested, data driven approach towards PPC
  • We build your PPC campaigns around your business objectives
  • We focus on maximizing your ROI on your PPC investment
  • We believe in complete transparency and regular communication
  • We will deliver the results you are looking for in terms of traffic, leads, and revenue

360Searchvertising can prove to be a game changer for your business. Tell us about your PPC requirements and we will start working on a proposal right away.

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