Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services We Offer

We offer all types of online reputation management services ranging from reputation repair services to social ORM services. Here's a detailed account of the services we offer:

Reputation Repair

You are on the receiving end of a negative review attack and your reputation is tanking before you can even think about what to do in this situation. If that sounds familiar, call us and we'll handle the rest. This service includes:

  • Reporting all the negative reviews to the relevant authorities
  • Tracking down the source of the negative reviews
  • Reaching out to the source and getting them to back off
  • Reporting the culprit to the authorities if needed

Usually the culprits are your competitors, a disgruntled employee, or someone looking to get money out of you. They know the power of negative reviews and negative content published about your brand and we know how to handle such situations. Call us now if your pages are being pushed down the rankings thanks to negative articles being published about you, or your sales are going down due to negative reviews, and we can start working on a strategy and roadmap to repair your online reputation.

Review Management

Review management is a full time job especially if you offer products or services in a competitive market and there's a lot of reviews being posted about you and your competitors. If you are selling t-shirts online and your average review ratings are 3.5 vs. your competitors' 4.5, guess who the customers are going to purchase their t-shirts from? Our review management services include:

  • Responding to positive and negative customer reviews
  • Reporting fake reviews
  • Encouraging your customers to post reviews/li>

We will have a monthly target for the number of reviews we will get posted as well as an overall target to get your star ratings up to 4/5 and more. The number of hours and campaigns that will go into this will vary based on the size of your business and the number of reviews you usually get. Call us today to discuss your requirements in detail so we can prepare a custom proposal for you.

Search Engine
Reputation Management

Your search engine reputation defines people's perception of you and your brand. What do people see when they look you up online? Ideally, the first results should be your web pages followed by your business listings, i.e. things that are in your control and where you tell your story. However, negative reviews and articles about you can outrank you for your own branded keywords, and the next thing you know, you are not in control of the narrative. Our search engine reputation management services include:

  • Thorough analysis of your current online reputation
  • Branded keyword audit
  • SEO and Content Strategy for you to dominate your branded keywords

We can also get help from our SEO team and help you implement the SEO and content roadmap and make sure you rule the first page when people Google you. Contact us today and we will run a full analysis of your situation.

Social Reputation

Social ORM is important for individuals as well as organizations. A lot of people will not go through the trouble of looking you up on or g2, they will go straight to Facebook and see what people have to say about you. Our social online reputation management services include:

  • Responding to reviews of you on social media
  • Responding to mentions of you on social media
  • Reporting fake reviews
  • Encouraging positive reviews and mentions

How you are mentioned on social media also makes for the bulk of your social signal profile and plays an important role in determining your search engine rankings. Contact us today and let us do a thorough analysis of your social presence, your social signal profile, and your current social reputation. We will create a custom social reputation management strategy for you.

Business Listings

Managing your business listings can become a hassle as you list your website on more and more websites. All of these websites allow user reviews and ratings, and you have to keep track of what's being said about you on these websites on a daily basis. If you keep your online presence limited to one or two of these sites, you can maybe handle it yourself, but with multiple listings you need professional business listings management services. Our services include:

  • Review and ratings management on your business listings
  • Weekly reporting
  • Creating new listings (if relevant to your needs)

Contact us today and discuss your requirements. We will do a thorough analysis of your needs and create a custom proposal for you.

Why You Need Online Reputation

A lot of businesses choose to focus on SEO, PPC and social media marketing and
completely ignore online reputation management. Here's what happens if you go down that road:

Step 1

Someone posts a negative review, a misleading article, or another piece of content that shows you in a negative light

Step 2

People interact with it, read it share it, comment on it because they are more likely to interact with negative news as compared to positive news

Step 3

Search engines pick it up because they see all the interaction as social signals and brand signals

Step 4

The negative piece of content starts appearing on the first page when people look you up online

This can lead to:

  • Sales going down because no one wants to risk purchasing from someone with bad reputation.
  • You losing out on potential investors, partners, and employees.
  • Decrease in your net worth.

No one knows the power of online reputation management more than publicly traded companies, one piece of good news can increase the price of their shares and one rumor can absolutely destroy them.

Benefits of Using Professional Online Reputation Management Services

  • Timely replies to negative reviews
  • Campaigns focused on garnering positive reviews
  • Improvement in social media reputation
  • Improvement in search engine reputation
  • Improvement in business listings reputation
  • Better inbound leads and sales

Your online reputation can make or break you.
Protect your brand against attacks and improve your
reputation with the help of our online reputation
management services.

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Frequently Asked

The cost varies depending on your business listings and social media profiles, the costs will go up if there are multiple profiles to handle. Please tell us about your website and we will prepare a custom quotation for you.
This depends on where your brand stands in terms of online reputation. brands with generally positive reputation looking to improve from 3 star rating to 4 star ratings will see results quicker than brands with a lot of negative reviews. Online reputation management is a continuous process and you should start seeing results in anywhere from weeks to months depending on a lot of factors.
We can report fake reviews to Google. As for intentionally malicious reviews and articles, we can report them to the site where they are published. If the reviews are not taken down, we will also bring in our SEO team to create positive content for you and do campaigns to encourage your customers to post positive reviews. We will either get negative pieces of content removed or we will post positive pieces to counter them and push them down the rankings until they disappear to the second page and beyond.

Why choose 360searchvertising?Online Reputation Management Services

You should choose 360Searchvertising for the following reasons:

  • We have a unique, time tested, data driven approach towards reputation management
  • We focus on maximizing the ROI on your reputation management investment
  • We believe in complete transparency and regular communication
  • We will deliver the results you are looking for in terms of improved reputation and better ratings

360Searchvertising can prove to be a game changer for your business. Tell us about your reputation management challenges and we will start working on a customized quotation right away.

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