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How it Works

After you select the most appropriate SEO Package based on your company’s size and financials, our work begins. We try to achieve maximum organic traffic, improved search engine rankings and lower customer acquisition cost through best search engine compliance practices and customer engagement through unique and high quality content.

The Length of the Project is divided into 3 Phases.



On Page

On Page

Content Plan

Content Plan








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Phase 01

Requirement Gathering:

In this phase we will try to gain as much pertinent information about the workings of your business, your target audience, geographic regions you cater to, and so forth. We also collect information about your existing accounts (if any) like webmaster, analytics and social media pages etc.

Keyword Finalization:

We determine what keywords are able to generate organic traffic for your website and what keywords are driving the traffic at present. This is an important phase of the program as the keywords act as the founding bricks of our SEO strategy.

On Page Analysis:

We audit the website as is, and discern the functional capabilities, effective use of various tools, and compliance as per the policies of various search engines. In On Page analysis phase, we perform these activities:

  • Keyword Search
  • Home Page Content
  • Sitemap creation (both HTML and XML)
  • FREE Customized Wordpress Blog Setup on your website (we’ll maintain it too)
  • Search engines submissions
  • Local setup (Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo Local, Yelp and other local profiles configuration)
  • Meta Development/Improvement
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Canonicalization
  • Social Media Setup (customized Facebook, Twitter, Google + pages creation)
  • Webmaster and Analytics setup
  • HTML Optimization (Site’s structural improvement, URLs standardization, Alt tags configuration, internal linking review, custom 404 page setup, text readability testing, robots.txt optimization, site’s load time review and css & HTML code errors correction)
On Page Implementation:

Once the analysis is finalized, we use our findings to come up with an on page
implementation strategy and begin implementing it.

This marks the end of Phase 1.

Phase 1 activities are mutually exclusive and take about 1 week to complete in its entirety.


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Phase 02

Phase 2 is singularly content creation and distribution oriented. Now that the foundation has been laid with regards to off page optimization, we shift focus activities that will boost your company’s organic traffic. From content creation to content distribution this phase is where the rankings take flight.

Content Plan Delivery:

Based on our research during the information gathering phase we create a content blue print. This blue print is designed to provide high level visibility of the content marketing strategy we aim to deploy to optimize your website. Based on your package, we provide you with a list of titles and related concept elaborating the nature of the material present in that content. This is incredibly helpful for both you and our creative team, this helps us validate the info gathered in Phase 1 and allows you to modify, approve, or reject, the content marketing strategy.

Content Creation:

As soon as we receive the green light from you, we get to the drawing board and start producing blogs, articles, press releases, Infographics and videos for your website. This sub-phase marks the delivery of the content to you. You review our work and see if the content conforms to the content marketing strategy and content plan delivered earlier. We receive your feedback and make appropriate amendments if necessary and resend the content back to you for final approval.

Content Distribution:

Upon content approval, our team of SEO analysts and associates start publishing content on various websites and your webpage starts generating traffic from multiple sources thereby increasing the online visibility of the business.

Social Media Management:

Social Media is a living organism within the virtual world, and is a wonderful tool for self promotion and content distribution, especially content of visual nature. Videos and Infographs find their audience through social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, while Facebook page adds to the credibility of the business. We manage all social media websites beginning Phase 2 and also use social media as a tool for online customer engagement and to gauge customer’s brand loyalty and the businesses brand equity. Additionally, having a social media page adds to the credibility of your business, consequently resulting in higher search engine ranking.

This marks the end of Phase 2


We have worked on SEO campaigns across the industries. Please click on any industry to view some of our clients. To learn more about our clients in your industry, please contact us now.

Penguin & Panda Proof

image After Google's Panda and Penguin updates hit the web, they hit hard on countless websites. The lesson to be learned was that Google lost its already thin patience with websites "optimized" through low quality content, spam links and other dirty tricks. Already well aware of this lesson, we apply this wisdom to our SEO Content Marketing service for you every day. Focusing only on organic and natural SEO, we ensure complete compliance to Google's guidelines to boost your online presence.

Phase 03

Phase 3 is where things start to take shape, and you begin to see actual tangible results of our hard work that began with Phase 1 of the project. The focus switches to off page optimization aimed at increasing the traffic of your website through organic means of engagement.

Online Business Profile Building:

In online business profile building phase, we create your business profiles on different sites such as, yelp, linkedin, crunchbase etc. This phase ensures that potential customers are able to find you through whatever directory or business portal they use to find product/service providers similar to yours.

Classified Advertising:

We use classified advertising networks like, to promote your business.

Ranking Report:

At the end of every week, we send you a rank report detailing the impact of the SEO campaign thus far. This task is repeated on a weekly basis till the project has been concluded. Rank reports keep you abreast of all the work that has been done thus far and its resulting impact, allowing you to validate our team’s work throughout the life cycle of the project.

Activity Report:

Every week we send an activity report to all of our clients. This report contains list of all the activities performed for a particular site during that week.

This marks the end of Phase 3.

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