Who was Prepared for the Penguin? We Were!

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Google’s Lessons

Google keeps coming up with algorithm updates, each one smarter than the previous one. And with each new update Google tightens the noose around spammers and people creating and/or promoting low quality content on the web.

It makes sense too. A search engine’s loyalty is to the users who search for relevant information through them. If Google, or any other search engine for that matter, doesn’t furnish its users with quality, relevant search results, it will go out of business. So, to stay in business, Google is putting spammers out of business. After the Panda update came out in February 2011, it lowered the rankings of what Google considered ‘low-quality sites’.

Google has been trying hard for a long time to teach webmasters and search engine optimization experts how to rank well without cheating users and search engine spiders. The Panda update affected about 12% of the total search results, upsetting a lot of people.

Some People Never Learn…

When Google rolled out the Penguin update 24 April 2012, it was a nightmare for webmasters and SEO ‘professionals’ involved in black hat SEO activities like article spinning, creating duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

Instead of learning how to be better search engine optimizers, webmasters and provider of quality web content in general, they became worse at what they did by trying to ‘beat’ the update. Sadly, ‘better’ spinning and complicated cloaking became the focus of a lot of people trying to get results after Panda lowered not just individual pages, but entire websites.

One thing’s for sure. Some people will never learn the lesson. Thankfully, Google makes another thing sure – that such people either change their ways, or change their business.

The Need for Robust Rankings, and SEO Experts who can provide them…

After Penguin, the world became a better place for SEO experts who knew how to deliver robust search engine rankings. What Panda had started over a year ago, Penguin continues successfully. People, who were learning to make their way around Panda, were hit by Penguin and their rankings took the fall.

At 360searchvertising for instance, we sustained all our clients’ search engine rankings despite the Penguin update. When our clients saw that their websites were still high up on the Google’s result pages, they were reassured of their solid investment in our SEO solutions.

We make it a point to assure our clients of our ability to deliver robust rankings that are not affected by Google’s updates. To websites owners looking for the top spot on Google’s results pages we explain that Google is not an enemy to be defeated, but an ally that if collaborated with smartly, helps boost their online visibility and bottom lines.

Google Penguin – Friend or Foe?

Considering the fact that Penguin set back many of our competitors, and our clients’ competitors, Google Penguin is definitely not a foe. We like to think of it as yet another opportunity to showcase our high-quality SEO services that people from diverse industries can rely on.


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