SEO: A History

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SEO companies have become a crucial part of the internet. They quickly gained prominence in the 90’s and have continued to grow ever since. It is hard to imagine using the internet without the existence of search engine optimization. But how did it all start and what led to the need for their existence? Let’s take a look at the history of SEO company services.

Early Days

In the early days, modern SEO companies did not exist and we did not have as much freedom as we do now. The first SEO system was text based and was capable of comparing files on a shared computer. This was a small scale project and it started a chain of events that led to what we have today.


Yandex was the first real fully functional search engine. It had the ability to collect and categorize information according to the needs of the user. The graphical user interface introduced here is still used by SEO companies today. Users could conduct instant searches and sort the results.

One problem however with these early search engines was that they showed different search results. Even though they were picking information from the same pool of data, there was no concept of ranking or relevance.


In 1995, optimization was born. Yahoo was the pioneer in this field as they introduced alphabetical optimization. Later in 1996 SEO algorithms became more complex as a deeper understanding of keyword density was developed. By 1997 Yahoo was the top SEO site. Any company who wanted to gain popularity learned that Yahoo was the only option.

Spamming and other issues

SEO company services were highly sought after in the late 90’s and spamming became a way for firms to gain an edge over the competition. Yahoo charged a fee for listing websites in their directories and as a result companies started switching to alternate options. New tactics were introduced to counter the threat of spamming. Multi language platforms and word lists were some of the strategies that were used at that time.


Google reshaped the way SEO Company services worked. The revolution started in 2000, as Google introduced a new algorithm system which significantly reduced spam. This smart system was then used by all other SEO companies as well.


SEO companies are experts at their jobs. With the passage of time the mistakes have been cut out to give us a much more enhanced search system. SEO company services have a bright future ahead with a lot of unexplored territory that is yet to be covered.


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